Appeals to the Privy Council
Report No. JAM_1740_00

Welsh v Manning



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Patrick Welsh (revived by James Welsh, Andrew Snow, John Lee, Ignatius Duany, and Dominic Verdon) v Edward Manning, John Ducomyn, Anthony Danvers, Samuel Spencer, William Groves, John Cockran, George Skene, and Isaac Cardell


Acts of the Privy Council, Colonial Series


APC Citation  

v.3 [506] p.685–686 (23 Oct. 1740 – 5 May 1743)

PC Register Citation  

George II v.7 (1 April 1740 – 7 Aug. 1741) p.227: PC 2/96/227


PC Register Citation  

George II v.8 (22 Oct. 1741 – 29 Sept. 1743) p.409–410: PC 2/97/409–410


Colonial Courts

Chancery – 4 April 1739


Cardell, Isaac, respondent

Cockran, John, respondent

Danvers, Anthony, respondent

Danvers, John, later deceased

Dicker, Samuel (executor of Henry Loyd)

Duany, Ignatius, appellant (executor of Patrick Welsh)

Duckenfield, Robert

Ducomyn, John, respondent, later deceased

Gordon, William (executor of Edward Roe)

Groves, William, respondent

Lee, John, appellant (executor of Patrick Welsh)

Loyd, Henry, later deceased (executor of Edward Roe)

Loyd, Mary, later deceased (widow and executrix of Henry)

Manning, Edward, respondent

Roe, Edward, deceased

Roe, John, deceased

Roe, Susannah, widow (executrix of Edward)

Skene, George, respondent

Snow, Andrew, appellant (executor of Patrick Welsh)

Spencer, Samuel, respondent

Taylor, Patrick

Trahee, Elizabeth (widow of Patrick, executrix of Edward Roe)

Trahee, Patrick, later deceased (executor of John and Edward Roe)

Verdon, Dominic, appellant (executor of Patrick Welsh)

Welsh, James, appellant (brother, heir, devisee, and executor of Patrick)

Welsh, Patrick, appellant, later deceased (executor of Patrick Trahee)

Wynder, Samuel


Issue of creditors.


Not stated in the Acts of the Privy Council, Colonial Series.

References in Smith, Appeals to the Privy Council from the American Plantations

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