Bio-Bibliographical Guide to Medieval and Early Modern Jurists

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Index – Modern Authors


This search engine returns the name of the modern author whose ID number is entered or whose ID number has been clicked in another list. Clicking on ‘Literature’ in the return currently returns the author only if he or she is listed as an author in an item of literature and not if he or she is an editor. Only one instance of a title is given, and the report_no given in the return is the first one in which the item is listed. The page numbers given may be specific to that report, and those of the entire work may be broader. Clicking on ‘Main Entry’ in the return returns a list of all the reports in which that person appears as an author or editor or where he or she is mentioned in the Biography/Description. To find where he or she is mentioned elsewhere in a report use the general search engine. To search for an author by any element of his or her name click here.

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