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Report No. 06_1758_00

Trecothick v Wentworth

New Hampshire 

APC Citation 

v.4 [362] p.393 – 4 September 1758 – entry 1

PC Register Citation 

George II v.17 (1 January 1758 – 21 May 1759) p.243: PC 2/106/243


PC 2/106/243: page 1


Entry jammed in at bottom of page. The Committee report dates the referral to it on 14 September 1758, whereas the date on this referral (p.241) is 4 September. The council did not meet on 14 September 1758.

APC Citation 

v.4 [362] p.393–394 – 5 April 1762 – entry 2

PC Register Citation 

George III v.1 (25 October 1760 – 31 December 1761) p.359–360: PC 2/108/359–360


PC 2/108/359–360: page 1


PC 2/108/359–360: page 2

PC Register Citation 

George III v.2 (1 January 1762 – 30 April 1763) p.123–125, 169: PC 2/109/123–125, 169


PC 2/109/123–125, 169: page 1


PC 2/109/123–125, 169: page 2


PC 2/109/123–125, 169: page 3


PC 2/109/123–125, 169: page 1