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There is only one image from the New York Public Library, the map included with the respondent’s printed case in Fothergill v Stover. As the lists of holders of printed cases show, NYPL holds a number of copies of printed cases; they reported more to the ESTC that they do not seem to be able to find. The reason for our neglect of the NYPL is simple: They do not allow the user to photograph their material, and the prices that they charge for making photographs are prohibitively high. Even higher are their licensing fees, which make little distinction between a scholarly enterprise and a for-profit commercial use.

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Report No. 10_1765_01

Fothergill v Stover


Appellant’s case

Case of the appellant (Fothergill)


[Signed] C. Yorke; Wm. Wynne


Appendix to case of the appellant


Respondent’s case

Case of the respondent (Stover)



[Signed] W. DeGrey; Fl. Norton


The respondent’s case is titled as follows: Pennsylvania. Timothy Peaceable (upon the demise of John Fothergill . . . ) appellant and Christian Stover, respondent.



New York Public Library. Schwarzman Building: Rare Book Collection *KF+++ 1766 (Stover, C. Pennsylvania) (Includes separate map)

NYPL: Rare Book Collection *KF+++ 1766 (Stover, C. Pennsylvania), map (For the printed case itself, click on British Library or Pennsylvania State Library in the main report.)

Other Documents

See Dallas, Reports 1 (1 U.S. [1 Dall.]), p.6 (Pa. 1763): Lessee of Fothergill and others versus Christian Stover.