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The Massachustts Historical Society holds copies of the printed cases in Philips v Savage and published, from manuscripts now lost, a brief and other documents in Winthrop v Lechmere. The Society’s friendly co-operation in allowing us to make images of it and licensing us to publish them is gratefully acknowledged.

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Report No. 05_1734_05

Philips v Savage


Appellant’s case

Case of the appellant (Philips)


[Signed] D. Ryder; John Brown


Printed case for the appellant names the case Philips v Philips


Massachusetts Historical Society: Bdses 1737 (Includes manuscript notes)

MHS: Bdses 1737, page 1

MHS: Bdses 1737, page 2

MHS: Bdses 1737, page 3

MHS: Bdses 1737, dorse

Respondent’s case

Case of the respondents (Savage)


[Signed] J. Strange; Jonath’ Belcher


Printed case is the case of Faith Savage, one of the respondents.


Massachusetts Historical Society: Bdses 1738 Jan. 13 (Includes manuscript notes)

MHS: Bdses 1738 Jan. 13, page 1

MHS: Bdses 1738 Jan. 13, page 2

MHS: Bdses 1738 Jan. 13, page 3

MHS: Bdses 1738 Jan. 13, page 4 and dorse

MHS: Bdses 1738 Jan. 13, page 4 and dorse margin