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Not surprisingly, the British Library has the largest collection of Privy Council printed cases in the world. They also have a superb Imaging Services Department. All other things being equal, we have used their images in preference to others’. We would also like to acknowledge the cordial cooperation that we received from the Library’s staff.

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Report No. 04_1748_00

Frisby v Baldwin


Appellant’s case

Case of the appellant (Frisby)


[Signed] D. Ryder; A. Hume-Campbell


British Library: General Reference Collection – 1890.e.3.(79.) (Includes manuscript notes and is bound with appeals to the House of Lords. The ESTC record states that the appeal was to that body though the dorse indicates an appeal to the Privy Council.)

BL: General Reference Collection – 1890.e.3.(79.), page 1 (flap)

BL: General Reference Collection – 1890.e.3.(79.), page 1 (w/o flap)

BL: General Reference Collection – 1890.e.3.(79.), page 2

BL: General Reference Collection – 1890.e.3.(79.), page 3

BL: General Reference Collection – 1890.e.3.(79.), dorse

Respondent’s case

Case of the respondent (Baldwin)


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