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This page provides links to images that we have made ourselves from items in our possession. Currently it consists only of images of Quincy’s Reports derived from the recent edition by Daniel R. Coquillette and Neil Longley York: Portrait of a Patriot: The Major Political and Legal Papers of Josiah Quincy Junior: Volume 4: The Law Reports, Part One (1761–1765) and Volume 5: The Law Reports, Part Two (1765–1772) (Boston: The Colonial Society of Massachusetts, 2009), together with the editors’ extensive notes and commentary.

Clicking on any of the page links below will bring you to an image of the page listed embedded in an HTML frame. You may download and use a single copy of the image only for purposes of private study, research, or teaching. You can navigate between the pages either by using the arrows at the top and bottom of the image frame or by returning to this page, which will remain in a separate tab or window. The images are large, so that the small print can be read.

Images copyright © 2014 by the Ames Foundation under license from The Colonial Society of Massachusetts. The work is copyright © 2009 by The Colonial Society of Massachusetts. These images are provided for private, non-commercial, research, and teaching purposes only. Any other use requires the permission of the Ames Foundation and The Colonial Society of Massachusetts.

Report No. 05_1768_00

Apthorpe v Pateshall


Other Documents

See the report of the colonial court proceedings in Quincy, Massachusetts Reports 1761–1772, p. 179–187.

Viewpage 1 (p.179), page 2 (p.180), page 3 (p.181), page 4 (p.182), page 5 (p.183), page 6 (p.184), page 7 (p.185), page 8 (p.186), page 9 (p.187), Comment page 1 (p.467), Comment page 2 (p.469), Comment page 3 (p.471).