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[001] caused to be delivered from our prison and custody to such a bishop, who claimed him
[002] as a clerk, the same A., the clerk, by reason of the aforesaid action is drawing our
[003] aforesaid bailiff into plea before you by authority of letters of the lord pope. Since this
[004] is manifestly against our crown and dignity and also against our peace, that any bailiff
[005] of ours because of his ministry, or for any act that pertains to the keeping of our peace
[006] or the doing of justice, be drawn into plea in court christian, since we regard their acts
[007] as ours in this connexion, we strictly forbid you to presume to hold that plea any
[008] longer. Witness etc.’ And let a similar writ issue to the clerk who sues, who ought
[009] rather to be arrested and put in prison.

Prohibition concerning one who said that he held by the law of England [and] wished to prove in court christian that his children were legitimate, though in truth bastards.

[011] There is also a writ of prohibition where one alleged that he held by the law of England,
[012] against whom it was objected, after he had been disseised and had brought a
[013] writ of novel disseisin to recover his seisin, that he could not recover because the
[014] children, by reason of whom he ought to hold for his life, [were born before his marriage
[015] to his wife], and he wished to prove them legitimate in court christian, which he
[016] ought not to do. A prohibition issued in this form.

Writ in the above case.

[018] ‘The king to such a bishop, greeting. It has been shown us on behalf of A. that when B.
[019] in our court etc. recently arraigned an assise of novel disseisin against the same A.
[020] with respect to a tenement in such a vill which the same B. said he held by the law of
[021] England, the same A. by the judgment of our same court withdrew sine die against
[022] the said B. because the children whom the said B. produced in our same court and
[023] whom he had of his wife, such a one, whose inheritance that tenement was, and by
[024] reason of whom the same B. claimed that tenement for his life by the law of England
[025] according to the custom of our realm, were born before marriage contracted between
[026] the same B. and such a one his wife, as was recognized in our same court by the admission
[027] of the same B., and also by the presumption rising against him, from the fact
[028] that when the same B. was earlier in our same court with the aforesaid woman, such a
[029] one, whom he now calls his wife, when she was impleaded in our same


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