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Of a prohibition while one is under age.

[002] ‘The king to such judges, greeting. We forbid you to hold the plea before you in court
[003] christian concerning the advowson of such a church [as to which] (or1 ‘concerning
[004] such a church, with respect to the advowson of which’) there was recently a plea in
[005] our court before us between A. of N. plaintiff and B. the guardian of C. the son and
[006] heir of D. impediant, by reason of the right which the same B. claimed the same C.
[007] has in that advowson, as to which an agreement was reached between the same A.
[008] and B. in our same court before us in which both agreed upon a clerk, because the
[009] plea could not be decided nor the matter brought to judgment since the aforesaid C.,
[010] who is said to have the right in that advowson, is still under age, because if that plea
[011] should proceed before you in court christian the same C. while under age might suffer
[012] damage with respect to that advowson, and pleas concerning advowsons belong to
[013] our crown and dignity. Witness etc.’2 If they refuse to desist on such prohibition, let
[014] them be attached, or let the bishop have them [before the justices] if they have no
[015] lay fee, as below more fully in [the portion on] prohibitions.3 If one once recovers
[016] seisin of a presentation by the assise and he against whom he recovered begins to
[017] claim the advowson by a writ of right, and while the plea is pending the church again
[018] becomes vacant and both present, he must be preferred who last presented,4 and let
[019] the writ to the bishop be in this form.

If one has recovered by assise and is afterwards impleaded by a writ of right when the church begins to be vacant.

[021] ‘The king to such a bishop, greeting. It has been shown to us on the part of A. that
[022] though he recently recovered in our court etc. his presentation to such a church
[023] against B. by an assise of darrein presentment there taken between them, and a clerk
[024] was admitted on his presentation to that church on our order, the same B. has now
[025] begun to implead him5 by a writ of right on the property and, the church having6
[026] again become vacant, the plea on the right still pending, the same B., by reason of the
[027] right which he asserts is his though he has not yet recovered it, is presenting his own
[028] clerk to the church mentioned, that he may impede the presentation of him of whom
[029] it is clear that he is in possession of the presentation. And therefore we order you,
[030] notwithstanding the presentation (or ‘the claim’) of the same B., or our prohibition,
[031] if you have such to the effect that you not admit a clerk until the plea on the right
[032] is decided, to admit on the presentation of the same A.


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