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[001] our justices at Westminster between such parties, to recognize who as patron etc.
[002] (and then the entire original [writ]). Therefore we order you to inquire diligently
[003] as to who the recognitors of the said assise were and to cause them to come without
[004] delay before our justices at such a place on such a day to make a recognition of the
[005] said assise as they were to come before our justices at Westminster on such a day
[006] charged to do the same. And make known to the said B. (and thereafter word for
[007] word as in the previous writ, up to the clause ‘In witness whereof etc.’) And have
[008] etc. Witness etc.’ Though an assise of mortdancestor has been put before such
[009] justices in the county, sometimes, after default or essoin or a day given or a
[010] warrantor called, it is put before the justices itinerant. [If] the tenant does not
[011] come on the first day, let him then be summoned to appear before such justices
[012] itinerant by this writ.

[Writ] if an assise is transferred from the four justices to the eyre of the justices outside the county after it is begun in the county.

[014] ‘The king to the sheriff, greeting. Summon A. by good summoners etc. to be before
[015] such persons, our justices itinerant, to hear the assise of mortdancestor which B.
[016] in our court, before such persons our justices thereunto appointed, arraigned against
[017] the said A. concerning so much land with the appurtenances in such a vill, so that
[018] the said assise may then proceed in the same state in which it was at such a place,
[019] when it was put before the aforesaid justices thereunto appointed.1 And cause to
[020] come before our said justices itinerant at the aforesaid place C. D. [and] E.
[021] recognitors of the said assise, at the term aforesaid, to make the assise. And have
[022] there the names of the recognitors and this writ. Witness etc.’ But if the justices
[023] ought to be appointed to take an inquest, or to hear disputes between persons over
[024] liberties, or of robberies or other matters, such as injuriae and the like, if two
[025] or more are appointed let a writ close issue to each of them in this form.

Writ for the appointment of justices for inquiries into contentions on complaint.

[027] ‘The king to his trusty and well-beloved A., greeting. Know that we have
[028] appointed you [one] of our justices, together with B., for the taking of an inquest
[029] between C., the plaintiff, and D. with respect to contentions which have arisen
[030] between them concerning such liberties (or2 ‘the usurpations of fees’ or3 other
[031] wrongs, robbery, beatings, blows and the like touching which there is dispute
[032] between them) according to the form of our letters sent to our sheriff, such a one.
[033] Therefore we order you, urging that4 you go to such a place


1. ‘ad hoc constitutis’ for ‘itinerantibus’

2. ‘vel’

3. ‘vel’

4. ‘quod’

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